Sales case
A. The converter

Since October 2014, our company has cooperated with hunan xianggang ruitai technology co., LTD to jointly contract seven steelmaking converter of hunan valin xiangtan iron & steel co., LTD. Our company is responsible for the production and construction and maintenance of converter resistant material, which has been running up to now, with good material use effect.

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2. RH furnace
Since 2013, our company has been supplying RH furnace refractory materials and providing contracting services for liugang. Our products are well used in the 120-ton RH furnaces and 150-ton RH furnaces at liushan iron & steel co., LTD., which reduce the cost and improve the production efficiency for the customers, and have been widely praised by the customers.

3. AOD, GOR furnace

Since 2014, our company has supplied magnesium calcium pegor refractory for GOR for baosteel desheng stainless steel co., LTD. Our products have been well used on 100 tons of GOR furnaces of desheng company and meet the requirements of customers.

Four. Float glass kiln

In 2015, we supplied fireproofing materials for glass kilns to hebei nanbo glass co., LTD., which was used in the production line of nanbo glass with daily output of 900 tons of floating glass.

Five. -arc furnace

From 2014 to present, our company supplies refractory materials for mineral heating furnace for jiangsu delong nickel industry co., LTD. Our company product quality is stable and excellent performance, deep user trust.
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